The name of the village first appears in a document dated 1398 which mentions a certain Johannes "de Wodzeradi".

Later references record the names of succesive owners, among them Mikołaj, alias Szeliga de Wodzieradi (1423), and Jan Wodzieradzki, coat of arms: Paparon (1552).

Since the 18th century, Wodzierady has been in possession of the Wierzbickis, Franciszek Bajer and Hipolit Parczewski. The latter and, later, his son Alfons (1849-1933), professor of universities in Warsaw and Vilno, came to play an important role in the history of the village.

In 1861, Hipolit granted freehold land to his peasants and founded a primary school. After the failure of the January Insurrection he was forced to leave Wodzierady.

His son, Alfons Parczewski, is known primarily as the author of the "Mono-graphy of Szadek".

Attractions worth seeing:

- the seventeenth century parish church of St. Nicholas in Kwiatkowice,
- a bell-tower and a bell in Kwiatkowice dating back to the seventeenth century,
- a larch manor from the early nineteenth century in Wodzierady,
- a post-manorial park in Piorunów, Kwiatkowice and Wodzierady with monu-ments of nature.

Gmina Wodzierady